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Dr. Debra N. Weiss

Public Health/Health Education

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        Debra N. Weiss is a college professor with 18 years’ experience teaching nutrition and health, dance, and yoga in New York and Florida.   Her doctoral research assessed the adequacy of asthma management on college campuses in New York State. She replicated her research at Texas State University and won a national award from the Association of Asthma Educators.  Dr. Weiss is a member of Kappa Delta Pi and is Co-Chair of the Florida Asthma Coalition.

        In Palm Beach County, Florida, Dr. Weiss worked as Project Manager for the US Environmental Protection Agency, assessing the perceived impact and risk from sea level rise on two coastal communities.  She authored a college reference book, “Utilizing Innovative Technologies to Address the Public Health Impact of Climate Change.”   

        Dr. Weiss  is the Artistic Director of West Third Street Dance Corp. dba Debra Weiss Dance Company, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit cultural arts organization based in New York with a satellite office in Boca Raton, FL ( 

      Dr. Weiss earned a Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, in English (Writing Concentration) from Barnard College, Columbia University, and a Masters of Arts and Doctorate of Education in Health Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.  She is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and is FEMA-certified in Emergency Management.

Research interests include improving chronic disease self-management, implementing stress management programs in the workplace, preventing addictive behaviors, addressing sea level rise health impacts, and promoting community wellness programs, especially among at-risk youth.

Select Publications


Weiss-Randall, D. (2018).  Utilizing Innovative Technologies to Address the Public Health Impact of Climate

            Change. IGI Global (Information Service Reference): Hershey, PA (released October 2017).


Weiss, D.  (2010).  Managing Asthma on College Campuses:  What Is Being Done and What Is Not Being

            Done?  Dissertation. Teachers College, Columbia University.  Publisher: Proquest.


Book Chapters

Weiss-Randall, D.  (2017).  The role of self-efficacy and aging in managing disease.  In V. Bryan & J. Bird (eds), Healthy 

            Community Synergism between Patients, Practitioners, and Researchers.  IGI Global (Information Service

            Reference): Hershey, PA. 


Weiss-Randall, D.  (2016).  Managing stress in the workplace.  In V. Wang & P. Cranton (eds),

            Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management.  IGI Global (Information Service

            Reference): Hershey, PA. 


Weiss-Randall, D., & Rich, N.  (2016).  Addressing addictive behaviors in the workplace.  In V. Wang & P. Cranton (eds),

           Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management.  IGI Global (Information Service Reference): Hershey, PA. 


Weiss-Randall, D.  (2016).  Using Diffusion of Innovations theory to encourage workers to make healthy food choices and

           engage in physical activity.  In V. Wang & P. Cranton (eds), Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management. 

           IGI Global (Information Service Reference): Hershey, PA.


Weiss-Randall, D.  (2015).  Assessing Online Courses in Health Education: Training a 21st Century

            Health Workforce.  In V. Wang (Ed.), Handbook of Advancing Health Education through Technology. IGI Global 

           (Information Service Reference): Hershey, PA.  ISBN: 978146669494.1


Barakat, M. & Weiss-Randall, D.  (2015). On-line learning through the eyes of students and faculty.  In:

             V. Wang, (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Learning Outcomes and Opportunities in the Digital Age. 

             2015.  IGI Global (Information Service Reference): Hershey, PA.



Collins, K., Weiss-Randall, D., & Henry, N.R. (2015). Managing Asthma on College Campuses: findings of a

           Texas pilot study. Respiratory Care, 60(8). DOI:10.4187/respcare.03877.


Gasana, J., Gibson-Young, L, Ibrahimou, B, Weiss-Randall, D., Arrieta, A, Beck-Sagué, C, Sivén, J, &

            Torok, D.  (2015).  Asthma in schoolchildren in Monroe County, Florida : School-based needs

            assessment.  Journal of Asthma, Sep 12 :1-9. 


Weiss-Randall, D.  (2015).  Research spotlight: An interview with Cheryl Flynn, M.D., MS, MA.   Health Promotion

            Section Newsletter.  Hanover, MD: American College Health Association.  


Weiss-Randall, D.  (2015).  Let your spirit dance!  Journal of Art & Aesthetics in Nursing & Health Sciences,  3(1).  Fall

            2015.  ISSN 2328-854X. 


Weiss-Randall, D.  (2015).  Behind the Story: Author Spotlight   Journal of Art & Aesthetics in Nursing & Health Sciences,

           3 (1).  Fall 2015. ISSN 2328-854X. 


Weiss-Randall, D.  (2015). Drug songs on campus: what are college students listening to and why? College    

            Health in Action.  American College Health Association. Hanover, MD.  January/February/March, 2015.


Weiss-Randall, D.  (2014) A Community Health Approach to Asthma in the Schools.  Kappa Delta Pi The Record. October



Weiss, D. (2013).  Test your Asthma IQ.  College Health in Action. American College Health Association:  Hanover: MD.

           October/November/December, 2013.

Some Recent Quotes


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Dr. Weiss has been a more than a teacher for our students--she has been a mentor, leader and role model who has helped our students build self confidence and encouraged them to succeed in all aspects of their life--Director, Boca Raton afterschool program.


Dr. Weiss’s experience as a health educator makes her uniquely qualified for mentoring programs for adolescents and young adults.

Mentor Project, Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Weiss creates a warm and welcoming environment for the diverse people she works with as a health educator and community advocate.  She makes education and health care environments more inclusive and rewarding, and is a true friend and champion to all who seek justice in learning and wellness!   Assistant Professor, College of Medicine, Florida State University

When love and skill work together, you can expect excellence, such as that I have observed in Dr. Weiss's work with underprivileged youth. She gave them confidence in excelling to new levels and they blossomed like beautiful roses.   President, DISC, Inc. (Developing Interracial Social Change)


Dr. Weiss’s programs for low-income at-risk youth weave a positive environmental message into an artistic program, and encourage children to develop their full potential. Engineer, Nonprofit Board member


Dr. Weiss's excellent programs for at-risk youth are inclusive, creative, beautifully produced, and show her talent as a director/choreographer and mentor to disadvantaged youth.   Nonprofit Board member     

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